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UKGlobal Broking Group Limited

Quality commercial insurance protection for all types of business

Business Insurance

For larger businesses

The insurance and risk management needs of large companies are often complex, with susceptibility to hidden risk exposures and gaps in cover plus often an international aspect to take into consideration.

Our distinctive approach to analysing risk and designing insurance programmes ensures cover is pertinent to the risks faced.  This, in conjunction with our skills in assertively representing your interests in the insurance markets, means we are often able to assemble more appropriate business insurance protection, often at a reduced cost.

We also have the expertise and market facilities to manage the placement of risks with substantial capacity requirements, complex insurance needs and global exposures, as well as facilitate alternative risk transfer.

The service we provide you will be delivered by a team of individuals who will commit to delivering exemplary advice and service throughout your relationship with us.

For smaller businesses

For medium and smaller businesses, our network of local offices offer community insurance broking. 

Our policies can protect your premises, your stock or materials, your machinery and equipment, your vehicles and much more.  Your cover will also protect you and your employees against liabilities arising from your business operations.  

Many of our solutions are industry specific and will be tailored to your unique business needs.  And with flexible covers and limits available to you, you can be assured that we do not offer a once size fits all approach.

Our objective is simple, to save you time and money without compromising on the protection you need.

Our service commitment to you.

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