Coronavirus [COVID-19] updates

In response to the impact of the Coronavirus [COVID-19] pandemic, we've created this web page to house all important news and information to help and assist with the running of your business.

If – as a result of Coronavirus – you are having difficulty paying your insurance premiums, or you want to consider reducing your insurance cover, please speak with your usual UKGlobal contact or get in touch with us on 0333 230 9280 or email enquiries@ukglobal.co.uk

#8 - COVID-19 - UKGlobal Information for Clients

UKGlobal Insurance Brokers are here to help and support during this difficult time of uncertainty. We can support you by providing appropriate advice regarding insurance coverage and support in respect of business continuity and risk management.

Please see link below for our latest update concerning Covid-19:

UKG Covid-19 Info for Clients