Our History

About the UKGlobal Broking Group

UKGlobal provides a wide range of insurance, healthcare and protection solutions to companies, non-profit organisations and private individuals.

Our name reflects our particular focus on UK domiciled organisations, including those that have global demands and needs, either through foreign offices, exports or the use of overseas suppliers.

Key facts and figures

  • Company started in 1990, rebranded to UKGlobal in April 2012
  • 6 offices, with plans to develop a national network of offices


Detailed analysis and understanding of our clients’ needs, supported by expert know-how, reliable and specialist advice and documentation that accurately reflects the insurance cover agreed and placed.


Disciplined compliance with systems, procedures and standards, reviewed and controlled by a robust auditing process to provide peace of mind for all.


A 'can do' approach, followed by timely delivery on our promises. Utilising creativity and flair to accomplish goals.


We take pride and enjoy what we do always striving to be the best and continually improving and refining our methods.