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Powerful insurance solutions for the metalworking sector


Our insurance solutions can cover metalworking businesses involved in:

  • Structural metalwork, fencing, gates, doors, windows
  • Coachbuilding
  • Trailers and caravans
  • Motor vehicle parts
  • Engines, turbines, pumps, compressors
  • Agricultural, forestry and mining machinery and equipment
  • Construction and earth moving equipment
  • Furniture
  • Display and point of sale equipment
  • Locks, hinges and fasteners
  • Cutlery and medical, surgical and optical instruments
  • Machine and hand tools
  • Wire products, chains and springs
  • Tanks, reservoirs, boilers and ducting
  • Drums and containers
  • Taps, valves, bearings and gearings
  • Casting, drawing, rolling, cold forming and folding
  • Blacksmiths
  • Farries
  • Welders

More Information

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